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New to PayMaker and not sure where to start? Our team will help you to do the installation and set-up of PayMaker.

Zero Hassle for your Payroll Team! We’ll walk you through the basic uses so you know what to expect along the way. 

Already a PayMaker user?

Here are a few resources to help

How to submit FNPF Monthly CS Forms Electronically

  • Create electronic files to upload
  • Submit to FNPF
  • All in less than two minutes!

Video Duration: 2min 26s

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How to Set Up Leave Plans in PayMaker

  • Setup Leave Plans
  • Track Annual Leaves and Sick Leaves

Video Duration: 2min 1s

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How to generate FRCS EMS files at the end of each month

  • Submit to FRCS
  • Within two minutes!

Video Duration: 6min 56s

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Articles/Blog Posts

How to Upload PayDay Reports from PayMaker

Instructions on how to upload your FRCS Monthly TPOS reports using PayMaker. Includes step by step processes on how to generate reports in PayMaker and then uploading to the FRCS portal.

The importance of the number of Pay Periods in tax calculations

The total number of pay periods that you enter into PayMaker will affect the PAYE that employees pay in each pay period. This article shows how to calculate the total number of pays in the year and where to update this information in PayMaker.

What is the Sequence Number in EMS files

EMS files have to be sent to FRCS at the end of each month. This can be done at the click of a button from PayMaker. However if you need to resubmit an EMS file with changed information, you need to understand what they want you to fill in to the Sequence Number field.

Standss (South Pacific) PTE Limited

Standss is an IT company that developed PayMaker for the Fijian market. Standss is also a Microsoft Partner and a leading Outlook-based email security and productivity solutions provider.

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