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Power Your Business With PayMaker

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PayMaker is one of the most popular payroll software packages in Fiji with an existing client base of 500+ companies and growing.

  • Developed in Fiji for Fijian businesses
  • Friendly customer support team!
  • FRCS tested and certified payroll software

Paymaker calculates all Fiji taxes and generates the required files and reports in the correct formats for all the major banks, FNPF and FRCS (Inland Revenue).

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What Our Clients Say

AMPS Industries (Fiji) Pte Limited

We have been with Standss (South Pacific) Limited from year 2016 using their payroll software (Paymaker) from year 2016 and never looked away. I’ve continued to be impressed by them and their customer service and highly recommend them to everyone!

Offshore Logistics Limited

We wish to thank Standss for introducing us to the Paymaker Payroll System, which has eased the flow of our payroll. This also has less the bunder of our Director who used to post each pay into the different bank account previously, since the Paymaker now what she does is just a click on the WBC online payment and it does its work. And thank you for your support and assistance when we need them you are there.

Nears Construction

Since we began our journey with this system, my work has been easier and faster than the previous system. Paymaker System has met my expectations in higher level. I will strongly recommend this system to every small/ big companies out there.

Golden Ocean Group of Companies

Golden Ocean Group of Companies have been a client of Standss (South Pacific) Limited for many years and the service that we have received has been nothing short of exemplary. We are very pleased with working with Standss (South Pacific) Limited not only because of their payroll system but also the quick responsive service that they provide. We are glad to have them as our Payroll system providers with not only our Fiji companies but also our companies operating in Kiribati.

Wood & Jepsen Consultants

We have been using this Pay Maker software for 12 years when implemented in 2010 with Wood & Jepsen Consultants. We did not have any issues with this Pay Maker software, friendly user and it complies with Fiji government law. The support team is very friendly and efficient to update any changes made to the payroll by Fiji government. We highly recommend to other companies to use Pay Maker software from Standss (SP) Limited.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

The paymaker payroll software is quite user friendly and processing payroll is quite seamless with anywhere, anytime access.

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More than 500+ Happy Clients are with us.

We have Payroll software and Addins for Outlook to suit your business needs.

We have 21+ Years of Experience with Payroll and counting.

We are priviledged with various awards including Prime Ministers' Exporter of the Year in 2011

Get the Most Out of Outlook

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Our Microsoft Outlook addins are used by thousands of businesses around the world.

  • Powerful Easy-to-Use
  • Business & Efficiency Tools that work inside Outlook

Turn Outlook into a Power Business tool and save time, improve the quality of email communications and make your business more productive.

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Standss (South Pacific) PTE Limited

Standss is an IT company that developed PayMaker for the Fijian market. Standss is also a Microsoft Partner and a leading Outlook-based email security and productivity solutions provider.

87 Gordon Street,
Suva, Fiji.

+(679) 3304 554