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Accurate PAYE and FNPF calculations

Monthly & Yearly reports at a click of a button

Up-to-date with tax and legislation changes


Generates Monthly Employee Schedules


(PAYE as Final Tax) electronic files            

Approved by FRCA              

Designed in Fiji for Fiji Businesses

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Process your pay (weekly/fortnightly/bimonthly/monthly) in a FRACTION OF THE TIME!

  • Automatically calculate FNPF and PAYE deductions
  • Track Staff Loans and other deductions
  • Track sick and annual leaves
  • Track deductions such as insurance, union subs ...
  • Allocate payroll expenses to different accounts or projects
  • Record year-to-date values
  • Print out pay slips on plain A4 paper
  • Print out cash breakdown reports to help with packing
  • Take control of costs with summary reports based on department, accounts, projects etc

Reduce your MONTHLY payroll tasks from hours to minutes!

  • Print your monthly FNPF CS and PS forms at the click of a button. No more mistakes or wasted time manually totalling and filling in paper forms.
  • Generate your Employee Monthly Schdedule (PAYE as Final Tax) Electronic Files at the click of a button. File formats and calculations have been tested and certified by FRCA.

Need an EASY way to do your YEARLY reports!

  • Print your P4-1 Slips on plain paper directly from PayMaker (approved by Inland Revenue)
  • Print all the reports required by Inland Revenue
  • You can even CREATE your Yearly PAYE Tax Summary on a disk for the Tax Department just on a click of a button. This new requirement was introduced by IRD in 2004.
  • All reports can now be printed on your laser or inkjet printer. We even have a payslip that can be printed on standard A4 paper.

Add exta functionality to your payroll system when you are ready

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