PayMaker Banklinks

Do you know that your bank will charge you LOWER BANK FEES if you give them pay transfer information on a disk?

If your company account is in ANZ or Westpac and you transfer pays directly to employee accounts, you can greatly reduce your banks fees.

PayMaker Bank Links connects directly to your PayMaker data file and creates a disk that you can give to your bank. The disk is in the format required by the bank's own software.

Why is PayMaker Bank Links better than the bank's software?

Although your bank may have its own software to create disks, you will need to retype all pay information from your PayMaker reports into the bank's own software again. Not if you use PayMaker Bank Links!

The advantages of using PayMaker Bank Links are:

  • Save Time and Avoid Errors: Amount and bank account numbers are picked automatically from PayMaker data files. You don't have to re-enter anything
  • Save Money: Your bank will charge you lower bank fees if you give them payroll information in a diskette

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