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Version 1.x

eMailMerge is the easiest way to send PERSONALIZED Holiday E-mails & Invitations with Outlook

eMailMerge 4 Outlook, allows you to generate large numbers of
personalized emails using your contact list of customers and friends.

Version 1.x

Sending an E-mail from the Wrong Outlook Account Can Be Embarrassing and costly

Yet It’s So Easy to Do!

SendAccount is the only Outlook add-in that allows you to set the preferred “sender” account for each person that you communicate with.

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Version 2.x

Most Mail Organizers Just Help You Sort Out Your Inbox...
QuickFile Gives You a Whole New Outlook

QuickFile out performs the other mail organizers because it lets you save incoming and outgoing emails into the right folders and subfolders with a simple click.


 Version 1.x

Fax PERSONALIZED copies of the same letter to many people.

Reduce the time to send faxes! Fax4Word will read recipient information directly from your Word documents!


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Version 1.x

Makes it easy to find a particular tasks when needed.

TaskColors makes your tasks of particular interest or importance stand-out in hundreds of tasks.

Saving your time in looking for a task to do in hundreds of tasks, when you can actually start doing it.

version 1.x

Speed Up The Time it Takes to Answer Emails
Send Better Replies
Eliminate a Boring Task

With the click of a mouse, you could insert a
pre-written reply fragment into your Outlook email response.
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