Our Company

Standss (South Pacific) Limited is a Fiji based software company…. that's right… we live and work in a beautiful tropical island in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

We're starting by focussing on email… something we all have too much of.

Our Products & Our Customers

Over the years we have helped thousands of users of Outlook around the world from our other websites www.standss.com, www.Addins4Outlook.com, www.Outlook4Lawyers.com, www.Addins4Office.com and our latest www.StandssApps.com.

Our clients range from solo-entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations. Users of our products come from companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP, Citrix.

We also have a range of payroll products that are used by more than 300 businesses in Fiji.

Providing opportunities for children in Fiji

Our team gives a portion of sales as well as time to various charities in Fiji. We focus mainly on charities that assist with the educational needs of children.

Fiji is still a developing country and we believe that education is the best way of ensuring that everyone in our country can live fulfilling lives.

Our Team


You can see some of the things that we do together at the Standss Facebook page.

We're always looking for new people to join us. If you're interested, check the Standss Vacancies Page .

Must like learning… we support further studies for all our team